Appointment of Panel Members [07/03/2003] The Takeovers Panel

7 March 2003


The Panel welcomed the announcement by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Senator Ian Campbell, of the reappointment of members to the Takeovers Panel.

The President of the Panel, Mr. Simon McKeon, welcomed the reappointments and expressed his gratitude to those members of the Panel whose terms were finishing. He said that the Panel had been far more successful than many had expected, due largely to the skills and input of its very capable and committed members.

Mr. McKeon said that the intention of a number of senior Panel members to resign at the expiry of the period of current appointments, and the appointments made to the Panel over the last year, had prompted a review of the overall size of the Panel's membership.

He said he and Senator Campbell were concerned to ensure that all members of the Panel were able to sit on sufficient matters each year to maintain an appropriate level of involvement in Panel activities and, in particular, consistency of decision-making.

Mr. McKeon said that the Panel's success had depended heavily on the skills and abilities of the senior professionals and business leaders who had given their time to the Panel. He said he had been very pleased by the commitment of the Panel's members to make the Panel's peer review model work in Australia's corporate environment.

Mr McKeon said that he was also very pleased to welcome the earlier announcement by Senator Campbell of the reappointment of Mr John King, the Chairman of the New Zealand Takeovers Panel, to the Australian Takeovers Panel, and the reappointment of one of the members of the Australian Takeovers Panel, Mr Denis Byrne, to the New Zealand Takeovers Panel. Mr McKeon said that the continuing cross border cooperation and communication between the two Panels benefited both business communities.

Nigel Morris
Director, Takeovers Panel
Level 47 Nauru House
80 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: +61 3 9655 3501

Panel Members Reappointed

Robyn Ahern
Elizabeth Alexander AM
Denis Byrne
Peter Cameron
Brett Heading
Louise McBride
Marian Micalizzi
Ian Ramsay
Jennifer Seabrook
Jeremy Schultz
Leslie Taylor
Michael Tilley
Karen Wood