Normandy 07 Application Resolved [15/01/2002] The Takeovers Panel

Tuesday, 15 January 2002


The Panel is pleased to advise the resolution of the application by Newmont in relation AngloGold's notice of extension of its bid for Normandy which the Panel announced yesterday. The notice was sent to Normandy shareholders last Friday.

Newmont had raised concerns about the statement in the notice:

"Although we have not declared the offer final, we have said that this offer is full and fair and that we have no basis upon which we could justify a further increase in the offer."

AngloGold has issued a media release today which clarifies and resolves this and another issue raised in the Normandy 07 application. The third issue was resolved without need for any further disclosure.

The Panel thanks the parties for their cooperation with it in resolving the matters promptly.

Sitting Panel

The sitting Panel in this matter is constituted by Mr David Gonski (sitting President), Ms Meredith Hellicar (sitting Deputy President) and Ms Ilana Atlas.

Nigel Morris
Director, Takeovers Panel
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