Trans-Tasman Appointment to the Takeovers Panel [29/01/2002] The Takeovers Panel

Tuesday, 29 January 2002


The President of the Australian Takeovers Panel, Mr Simon McKeon, today said he was delighted that Mr John King had been appointed as a New Zealand member of the Australian Takeovers Panel.

He agreed with Senator Campbell, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, that Mr King's appointment is a significant step in promoting greater cooperation across Australian and New Zealand regulatory regimes.

The Australian Takeovers Panel welcomes the experience and knowledge in New Zealand takeovers issues, including the New Zealand Takeovers Code, that Mr King can bring. Mr King's appointment is until 30 January 2003. It is, like all current Australian Takeovers Panel members, as a part-time member

Mr McKeon said that Mr King's appointment adds to the existing sharing of experiences and other arrangements between the Australian and New Zealand Takeovers Panels.

The Panel said that it was very pleased that Mr King's appointment completes the reciprocal appointment of members to each country's Takeovers Panel. Mr Denis Byrne was appointed as an Australian representative to the New Zealand Takeovers Panel in October 2001.

Nigel Morris
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